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Our menu

Glaze embodies a simple yet wholesome food philosophy, inspired by the flavours and great ingredients of our region. We make our food and drinks using British ingredients wherever possible, and we aim to source as much as we can from across the Cotswolds and the West Country.


Drinks and Baked Goods

Grab an expertly-brewed coffee or a soothing cup of tea and relax in the café space. Pick up one of our loyalty cards, and get your eighth hot drink free!

Since there’s never a bad time for cakes and pastries, why not also pick up a sweet treat? Everything is made in-house by our talented artisan baker!


Try our lovely seasonal soups, homemade every day in our kitchen, and rotating throughout the weeks and seasons.

Soups are £7, and comes with a slice of our rustic bread.

Salads and Bites

Our kitchen whips up a delicious assortment of fresh salads, quiches, pastries and more every day, featuring seasonal ingredients and flavours.

Expect to pay around £8-10 for a salad or other light meal.

Hot Food

Sure to satisfy your tastebuds, our chef's range of hot breakfast, brunch and lunch items is available fresh till 4:00pm daily.

Expect to pay around £9-15 for a dish.


Afternoon Tea

Join us every day after 12pm for a wonderful afternoon tea spread. Our sets are fully homemade, and are perfect for two to share.

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